6 months

the way you look at me –
fantastic as we talk about it.
I can see you scanning,
scanning me with your superiority
as you glare at my entire body
for an entirety, grinning
I wonder what we could do with that
so I’m waiting.

I can’t wrap my head around it
and I can’t get it out of me…
the insanity makes me believe
you can dream of us
so possibly
maybe, possibly, you understand
you can control the uncontrollable:
me, I’m waiting



carve your power in my skin and i will never cover the scar
as i kneel beside you, i will trace my finger upon yours
to get a simple taste of the softness of your palm
where i stand.

devour my words with all your might as you have before
listen to my glancing and my pleading as you shatter me
drink the milkish water and pretend it never happened
or just sit down,
and listen.


momente de suspans

o dezorganizare a clipelor mă face să-mi amintesc
cele șase luni, pe scurt
o sută optzeci și cinci de zile, pe scurt
patru mii patru sute patruzeci de ore
de când te-am pierdut.
Însă clipesc
și risipesc
în mod alert
o dezorganizare a clipelor ce mă face să te iubesc.



bending, twisting and cracking of bones
oh, the forces that attract me to you;
past times when my hand consisted of yours –
present emotional residue

sat still, thinking and reminiscing May
and your eyes like a spring’s sun.
one year’s passed and you’re away;
for me, the winter has begun

rhythmic diaries of our duet
I think it is time to turn the page
as you realise, do not forget
much alike seasons, feelings change.