juste, pourquoi?

i wish i understood the smell of his perfume when he sat next to me
and i wanted to tell him how much he reminds me of you.
i wanted to let him know just how much he can be
a much more desirable version, something new.

i wish i leaned in closer in that moment of correction
and intoxicated myself with the way he speaks;
i only wanted to show a brief case of affection
to a more desirable version, something i seek.

i wish you understood me the way he does now,
so I would not have to feed you love in thirds.
and although we exchange glances, not words
i still love him somehow


knocked out

the night and your vulnerable being
make me shiver quietly
the sun goes down and the fire shines
the glimmer in your eyes after a glass
or two, or three, I cast
my shadows as you said, leaving
no goodbyes for me
no touches and no words,
just your eyes.



bending, twisting and cracking of bones
oh, the forces that attract me to you;
past times when my hand consisted of yours –
present emotional residue

sat still, thinking and reminiscing May
and your eyes like a spring’s sun.
one year’s passed and you’re away;
for me, the winter has begun

rhythmic diaries of our duet
I think it is time to turn the page
as you realise, do not forget
much alike seasons, feelings change.